The Sad Poet: JAMES
Lucas Jade Zumann

“I’m sixteen, but no matter how hard I try to be upbeat and optimistic, a dark cloud hovers over my brain.”

Manic Pixie Dream Girl: SOPHIE
Taylor Russell

“People like to call me ‘eccentric’ and ‘quirky’, but that’s just an excuse for them to ignore my complex inner life.”

The Brute: Carl
Jason Isaacs

“My family likes to call me ‘The Brute’, but I have a big secret that none of them knows.”

The Remorseful Mom: ELLY
Lisa Edelstein

“I’m disappointed with the way my life worked out and I blame it all on my husband, ‘The Brute’.”

The Sex Pirate: XAVIER
David Arquette

“Slowly. Find your breath. Root down through the feet. Center your sacrum.”

Hipster "Ex" Boyfriend: MARTIN
Chase Stokes

“I’m involved in a relationship drama with Sophie, this quirky girl who calls me a ‘spunktrumpet.’ (Oh, and my pants are not stupid!)”


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